# Date Host Institution Conference Title
5 1/10/85 Hofstra University Future Trends in Student Affairs & Student Retention Leagal Issues
6 1/9/86 Nassau Community College Enrollment Management & Student Services & Beyond
7 1/8/87 Polytechnic University Student Services For The Future: Developmental Program Opportunities
8 1/7/88 Molloy College How Well are we Orientating all of our Students?
9 1/5/89 St. John’s University An Analysis of the Undergraduate: Exploring Ideas to Meet Their Needs
10 1/11/90 Hofstra University Social Violence & Its Effects on our College Campuses
11 1/17/91 Adelphi University Overcoming On-Campus Bigotry
12 1/16/92 Farmingdale State College Survival of the 90’s: Developing Strategies to Meet the Needs of the Campus Community
13 1/14/.93 Molloy College Student Retention: A Campus- Wide Concern
14 1/6/94 Webb Institute Preserving Human Dignity: Enhancing Campus Climate
15 3/10/95 Dowling College Dealing with Upset People
16 3/26/96 Hofstra University Campus at Your Fingertips: Applying New Technology to Student Services
17 2/7/97 SUNY Old Westbury The Role of Student Affairs Professionals in Developing World Class Leaders
18 1/8/98 Briarcliffe College Keys to Retention: Challenges for Student Affairs in the 21st Century
19 6/9/99 Adelphi University Civility & Incivility on Campus: Implications for the New Century
20 6/9/00 NYIT Old Westbury Students with Disabilities in Higher Education
21 6/1/01 SUNY Old Westbury Dealing with Upset People
21.5 3/7/03 NYIT Central Islip Dealing with Difficult People
22 3/5/04 NYIT Central Islip Critical Issues Facing Higher Educaiton
23 3/11/05 Stony Brook University Rethinking Student Affairs Practices
24 3/10/06 Hofstra University Designing Student Success Strategies
25 3/23/07 Hofstra University Connecting with Our Students
26 2/9/08 Hofstra University FERPA & Working with Troubled Students
27 2/27/09 Farmingdale State College Sharing Our Knowledge
28 3/12/10 St. Joseph’s College Honesty in the Academy
29 2/18/11 Farmingdale State College How to Survive & Thrive in Student Affairs
30 2/17/12 St. John’s University Past, Present, & Future: The Evolution of Higher Education
31 2/8/13 Hofstra University 3 Rs of Success in Higher Education: Reflect, Recharge, Reaffirm
32 2/7/14 Adelphi University Higher Education in the 21st Century: Effective Strategies for Success
33 2/6/15 Suffolk County Community College Grant/Brentwood Campus Creative Solutions to Common Challenges
34 2/5/16 Long Island University Post Breaking Boundaries: Collaborative Approaches to Higher Education
35 2/3/17 Stony Brook University Diversity: A Local Focus on a National Conversation