The History of LICSPA

LICSPA’s long history began in 1955 when the Vice Presidents from Adelphi, Hofstra and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy met on occasion at informal “rap sessions.” Circa 1970, the group formalized, developed a Constitution, and called itself the “Long Island Council of Student Personnel Administrators.”

Founding members included Adelphi, Hofstra, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, C.W. Post, Webb Institute, Nassau Community College and Stony Brook.

Other institutions joined through the encouragement of NASPA and by the activities provided by LICSPA. During this period, LICSPA was recognized by NASPA as a sub-regional group and received minutes and other communications from NASPA.


In 1980, LICSPA initiated its first annual conference and has since sponsored over 30 annual conferences. In 1986, the conference planning committee included an Annual Creative Program of the year Award designed to offer member institutions an opportunity to showcase proposals on the cutting edge of educational program development. LICSPA presents this award, as well as its New Professional and Graduate Student awards at its annual conference.